Governance structure



The Kinghorn Cancer Centre governance structure

The Director of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre is entrusted with the following responsibilities:

  • Providing leadership in achieving the objectives of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre;
  • Establishing the research directions, goals and standards for The Kinghorn Cancer Centre;
  • Overseeing directly the research groups which constitute The Kinghorn Cancer Centre;
  • Developing and maintaining national and international collaborations in cancer research;
  • Overseeing day to day operations of The Kinghorn Cancer Centre within the financial and management delegations approved by Garvan Institute and St Vincent’s Hospital Boards;
  • Ensuring the performance of the Centre against national and international research benchmarks;
  • Ensuring compliance with all legislation and standards of conduct for research, including 
biosafety, occupational health and safety and ethical requirements for human and animal 
  • Providing regular reports on the research related activities being conducted in the Centre to the Boards of both Garvan and St Vincent’s Hospital

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