Professor Richard Epstein


Professor Richard Epstein

Conjoint Professor, University of NSW
Director of Research, St Vincent’s Department of Oncology


Professor Epstein is a Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist who treats cancer patients in the Department of Oncology at The Kinghorn Cancer Centre. He has key therapeutic interests in breast cancer, prostate and kidney cancers, melanoma and skin cancers and eye tumours, transplant-related tumours, and neuroendocrine tumours.

In addition, he heads the Clinical Trials Centre, which prioritises studies of ‘smart’ drugs that target specific biological molecules important for driving cancer growth. Professor Epstein also heads the Genome Evolution research group External Link in The Kinghorn Cancer Centre with interests in cancer causation and novel therapeutic strategies; one of the lab’s current theme projects involves using genetic engineering to make ‘cancer-resistant’ genes.

Training of clinician-scientists is a major academic priority of the clinical department, and placements of junior oncologists with academic mentors in UK and US cancer centres are encouraged. Professor Epstein is also interested in improving research links with extramural partners in the Asia-Pacific region, where he has developed a network of professional contacts in China, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Philippines and Indonesia over the last decade.


Professor Epstein completed his clinical training at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney; Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Melbourne; Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge UK; and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard, USA, where he developed and patented a technique for creating antibodies that detect the activation states of cancer proteins. He then worked at Hammersmith Hospital (Imperial College), London; the National Cancer Centre of Singapore, where he was Deputy Director; and The University of Hong Kong, where he was foundation Professor of Medical Oncology. He was recruited back to St Vincent’s Hospital in 2009 with the mission of building capability for translational research in St Vincent’s Hospital and in The Kinghorn Cancer Centre.