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Dr Peter England- Melbourne Obstetrician

Your pregnancy is a highly personal experience and requires individualised care, specific to your own health and lifestyle needs. Dr Peter England is dedicated to providing bespoke and compassionate care to every patient to ensure they have the best pregnancy possible. Peter has worked in both Australia and the UK.  [...]

The 3 Types of Running Pain You Shouldn’t Ignore

Runners love to talk about running through the pain. And while a certain amount of tough love is necessary to make it to the finish line, running through real, injury-related pain is often the fastest way to the operating theatre. “The seeds of major, long-term injuries can be planted years [...]


Knee Injuries? A Runners Guide to Recovery

Pounding the pavement proved more of a health hazard than benefit? At the risk of sounding like a negative Nanna, looking after your injuries shouldn’t be an afterthought – it should be a priority. Mr Andrew Chia, specialist orthopaedic surgeon with St Vincent’s Private Hospital Melbourne, says knee injuries are [...]


5 things everyone should know about ageing

We’re all for embracing our age and loving the ageing process; they’re called the golden years for a reason. But alas, ageing and degeneration can cause a range of conditions and diseases, including a host that affect our bones, muscles and joint health. Left untreated, these can lead to discomfort, [...]